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Nikon Nikkor - H.C Pre-AI 50mm f2 - multi coated lens, s/n #2115642


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Overall 8.5/10 condition, No fungus, No haze, tiny dust in lens, smooth focus. with front and rear cap
comes with 6 months warranty



The Nikon Nikkor 50 2 Pre-AI dates back to 1972, and the HC dates back to 72-74. The Nikkor-H does not have a multi coating on the lens, but the later H.C version does. Hence the C part in the lens name. The 50mm f/2 lenses from Nikon have a rumor of being among the best performing 50mm's Nikon have produced. The Pre-AI Nikkor's needs to be converted to fit today's cameras. The latest camera these lenses can be used on without modification is the Nikon D40(x) D60. To convert a Pre-AI lens to AI' D is not a hard thing to do if you have the right tools. The question is, is it worth it to convert these lenses to fit today's cameras?Specifications:
On the Nikon D3 this lens does lack a bit of contrast and sharpness wide open. The center sharpness is pretty good but the corners does not get great until f/2.8. From f/2.8 to f/11 this lens shows remarkable performance, @ f/16 image quality drops and results in a softer image. The IR performance of this lens is stunning, there is a slight drop of contrast wide open, stopping down to f/2.8 and the result is stellar. Do note that some of the 50mm f/2 H / HC I tested there was a hint of hot spot @ f/16. On the last one I tested here, there was none what so ever. The price difference between a used AI and a Pre-AI lens is minimal, so unless you already own this lens I can't say it's worth it to convert this lens to fit today's camera's. The build quality of the lens is of usual Nikkor MF quality. It has been built really well.
  • production year 1972
  • 6 elements in 4 groups
  • Multo coated
  • focusing range inf. to 2 feet
  • feet and meters
  • scalloped aperture setting ring
  • apertures 2 to 16
  • 6 iris blades
  • bayonet fixed by 5 slotted drive headed screws
  • Nikon 52mm snap-on front lens cap
  • Nikon LF-1 rear lens cap
  • Nikon HS-2 50/2 52mm snap-on lens hood
  • L39 Nikon 52mm screw-in filter, black rim



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Type: 35mm Lens

Vendor: Nikon