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Kodak Pro Image 100 (35mm, 36exp)


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** Expiry date :  NOV 2019, if you keep in the fridge it can last longer**
Koda Pro Image 100 Professional.
  • Outstanding flesh-tone reproduction, colour accuracy, and saturation.
  • Intended for room temperature storage.
  • Excellent latent-image keeping characteristics.
  • The film of choice for portrait and social photographers.

    This is one of the least expensive colour films, competing with Kodak Gold and Fuji Superia. Some have suspected that it's Kodak Gold rebadged for foreign markets because the processing times are the same. It's not. Compared to Gold and Superia, this film gives an unmistakably more pastel-like look with lowered colour contrast. Skin tones look unnaturally flattered and homogenised to me, but your subjects will probably think they look great.
    Where the Pro-Image 100 really shines was when I started home scanning the processed negatives. It is a really easy film to scan. Very little correction is needed and the results were almost as good as the scans I got from the Lab when I had the film processed. My limiting factor is my scanner and not the Negatives. For the average user wanting to scan their own negatives the Pro-Image 100 will give you great results.
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    Category: Colour Negative

    Type: 35mm Film

    Vendor: Kodak