Kodak Red S100 EF 35mm Point and Shoot Camera

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Kodak Red S100 EF 35mm Point and Shoot Camera


It’s the Kodak S100 EF, a 35mm point and shoot camera with a built in flash and a 35mm f4.5 lens. This one is pretty light, easy to carry and easy to use. You’ll need 2x AA batteries and a roll of 35mm film and you’ll be ready to go.

The camera will deal with the exposure and focus for you so all you need to think about is the photo itself. You can turn the flash on using the switch above the lens but make sure to turn it off when you don’t want it anymore. This one would suit anyone who’d like a simple little point and shoot which is ready for day or night. We’re doing this one a little cheaper as it’s slightly more used than some others.


Lens: Fixed 35mm f4.5

Flash: Manual Flash with on/off swtich

Advance: Manual Advance with manual rewind handle

ISO Range: 35mm f4.5 

Battery: 2 x AA