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Kodak Retina IIa [ Retina-Xenon Schneider 50 mm f2.0 Fast lens ] 35mm Range finder


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Kodak Retina IIa [ Retina-Xenon Schneider 50 mm f2.0 Fast lens ] 


Condition: 6.5/10  with 6 months of warranty , everything work , lens not clean



           The Kodak Retina IIa was a rangefinder, folding 35mm camera made by Kodak AG, the German subsidiary of Kodak.

The designation Retina IIa can refer to two different camera production runs, separated by a gap of 10 years. Retina collectors and Retina historical specialists refer to Retina models by the factory Type number given before the camera name.

The pre-WWII Type 150 Retina IIa was a redesign of the top plate, combined rangefinder/viewfinder and frame counter of the preceding Type 142 Retina II. It had a film advance knob on top and a depth-of-field scale wheel on the camera body's bottom. The 1950s models got a film advance lever instead.

The Type 150 Retina IIa was manufactured from 1939 to 1941. Only 5107 pieces were produced.

The war-time German government ordered a stop to all camera production at Kodak A.G. in the summer of 1941.

From the fall of 1946, the Type 011 Retina II was in production until August 1949.

From August 1949 to December 1950, the Type 014 Retina II was manufactured.

Late production Type 016 Retina IIa
Picture by Alf Sigaro (Image rights)
The second camera series designated Retina IIa was the Type 016 Retina IIa. It was manufactured from January 1951 to April 1954. At first, a COMPUR-RAPID shutter was used. This was replaced in March of 1951 with a SYNCHRO-COMPUR shutter.



  • Fixed 6 element 50/2 Schneider Xenon or Rodenstock Heligon lens (lenses or lens elements will not interchange like the later Retinas), filter size 29.5 mm screw in or 32 mm push on

  • Close focus 2.5 feet

  • Shutter 1 to 1/500th, plus B

  • Electronic flash sync at all speeds

  • Flash connection on bottom of lens assembly, no hot shoe

  • Combined RF/VF, no bright line or parallax correction, relatively bright and big view for its time, better than a Leica IIIf finder

  • Make sure you advance the single stroke advance lever to its full limit

  • The manually reset film counter counts DOWN, showing how many unexposed shots remain.  Set the film counter to 3 more than the number of exposures on your roll.

  • Double exposures are possible by pushing in on the rewind button, holding it in, and then advancing the lever

  • Mechanical cable release will screw into the shutter release

  • Tripod socket on bottom of camera.



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Type: 35mm Camera

Vendor: Kodak