Kodak Retinette IB (45mm f2.8 Rodenstock lens) With 6 Months Warranty


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Condition : 6.5/10  with 6 months warranty, lens not clean .

Description :

The Kodak Typ 037 Fat Boy was a product of the German Kodak AG, one of a series of Retinettes. It was a 35mm viewfinder camera with built-in coupled selenium meter made by Gossen. The bright line viewfinder had a needle-centring display for the meter. The lens was a Rodenstock Reomar 45mm/f2.8 in a ProntorLK shutter, with speeds from 1/15-1/500 +B. The film was advanced by a lever unusually mounted underneath the camera. The IB was produced from October 1959 to February 2119. The known serial number range of the Typ 037 is from 50981 to 274266. An estimated minimum of 224,266+ Typ 037 Retinette Ib cameras were produced. The Retinette IA was similar, but without the exposure meter.  -Read more


  • Kodak Retinette 1b 35mm viewfinder camera
  • Built in light meter with in viewfinder display
  • Prontor 500LK shutter
  • 1/500 to 1/15 sec + bulb shutter speeds
  • 10 sec self timer
  • Flash sync via socket and hot shoe
  • Film Speed ASA 12 to 800
  • Film type reminder
  • Parallax markers in viewfinder

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A review by  Simon Hawketts

The Retinette series, as I said above, are viewfinder cameras, some with light meters included. The 1B which I have here, has a light meter, a Rodenstock 45mm lens and a Prontor 500LK shutter.

In design it is typically Retina like, with the film advance on the bottom of the camera having the characteristic ‘bent lever’ shape. Unlike the Retinas that I own, this Retinette has a plastic film advance lever; I don’t know it this was a change introduced across the whole series or just implemented on the Retinettes as a cost saving -read more






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