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Kodak Retinette type 022(Schneider-Kreuzanach Reomar 1:3,5/45 mm) with 6 Months Warranty


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Condition: 7/10  with 6 months of warranty , lens not clean

Description : 

Kodak Retinette is the name of a classic series of cameras manufactured by the Eastman Kodak company. They were introduced in 1939 as a less expensive alternative to the Kodak Retina series . The first models were of the folding type using bellows and their lenses had three elements as compared to the four element Tessar lenses (Greek: Tessera meaning four) of the Retina series. The first non-folding (rigid) variant was introduced in 1954 with the model 022.They most often featured Schneider Kreuznach Reomar lenses but, sometimes, Rodenstock Reomar lenses were installed. The Rodenstock lenses were based on the original Schneider Kreuznach triplet (three optical element) design. Kodak Anastigmat Angénieux lenses were also used especially for the French market. Common shutters included Compur–Rapid as well as various Pronto, Vero and Kodak models.


Lens: Schneider Reomar 45mm f/3.5
Diaphragm: 5 blades stopping down to f/22
Shutter:Compur-Rapid 1-1/500 sec and Bulb.
Flash Sync: X-sync at all speeds up to 1/500 .

Focus: By scale in feet, only.
Infra-Red Focus Index: Yes.
Film Wind: Low Lever.
Film Rewind: Manual, by knob (not crank).
Frame Counter: Manual reset, counts down 

A review by Simon Hawketts

The Kodak Retinette series was a simplified and cheaper version of the Kodak Retina camera and was made between 1939 and 1966 during which time the design changed from a folding to a solid frame camera. The version in this post is a Retinette type 017, which was the last folding version made .

I bought this camera a few weeks ago in an untested condition .The cosmetic condition is quite reasonable for a camera of this age. There is a bit of paint missing on the lens cover and also some chipped areas on the back cover, but considering the camera is about 60 years old that’s not bad. The main worry when buying a folding camera is the condition of the bellows, but as far as I can see they look in good condition -read more






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