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Konica Autoreflex T4 SLR 35mm Film Camera with Hexanon 50mm F1.4 Lens


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8/10 Overall condition, and comes with 6 month warranty.
SR No:# 110321


The T4, like the TC and the Nikon FM, has the Copal CCS-M shutter, which is a refinement of the Copal Square S, thought by many to be the most reliable metal focal-plane shutter ever made. The CCS-M is a mechanically-governed shutter with two options for geartrains. One goes from B to 1 sec to 1/1000 sec; the other has B and 1/8-1/1000 sec (TC). The synch speed is 1/125 sec. The camera is not dependent on batteries, except two PX-625 for the meter. The T4 carries forward the same shutter-priority AE that the previous models (Autoreflex T, T2, T3, T3N and TC) had. The shutter travel is shorter. The meter is a variable-pattern type that changes with the lens's angle of view. Wideangles meter a barbell-shaped spot lower than center; normals take about the middle 50% of the frame, and teles take almost the entire frame. In use, the T4 is a very solid camera, very compact camera that is extremely rugged. The only drawback is that it is very loud.


  • Slow speeds down to 1 sec (as opposed to 1/8 sec)
  • Depth-of-field preview
  • Double-exposure capability
  • Provision for autowinder
  • Battery check
  • Brass baseplate (as opposed to plastic on the late TCs)
  • No chrome trim
  • Brighter focusing screen than the TC

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Type: camera

Vendor: konica