Leica M Elmar 90mm f/4 Portrait Collapsible Lens - M mount


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Comes with 6 months warranty 

Serial number 1139761, made in 1954

The Leica M Elmar 90cm f/4 Portrait Lens, this was Leica first 90mm lens designed in 1933. This lens is one of Leica's classics that is worth to be in everyone Leica collocation. 

This lens is in overall good condition for it's age and works correctly and accurately. 

  • Lens Cap Included
  • 1955 Ernst Leitz GmbH Wetzlar
  • SERIAL 1139761

A Review by Ken Rockwell -

This is Leica's first 90mm lens, designed in 1933 with four elements. It was sold in many different mounts, including the collapsible M mount seen here from 1955. More common is the rigid screw mount, which takes a slip-on A36 filter.

It's always contrasty, but it's softer in the corners at the largest apertures. f/11 and f/16 are optimum.

This version is solid chrome-plated brass. Its collapsible mount is a work of genius: Leica has it locked-out so you can't focus, and therefore accidentally shoot, unless you have it fully extended. It works great on everything including the M7, but look out: Leica specifically cautions not to try to mount this lens on the M9. I tried it on the M9, and it works fine. I even collapsed it a bit, and my M9's still kicking. Don't do this.

It has been coated since 1946. Another three-element design popped up from 1964-1969.

Reference: http://www.kenrockwell.com/leica/lens-reviews.htm#90 

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