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Leica M Tele-Elmar 90mm f2.8 - CLA-ed - nice portrait lens


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9/10 condition - come back from CLA-ed (receipt attached)

Comes with 6 months warranty 


  • 90mm f2.8
  • 5 elements in 5 groups.
  • Single-coated mostly in magenta.
  • Diaphragm 10 blades.
  • Stops down to f/16.
  • Half-stop clicks.
  • The diaphragm has straight edges from f/3.4 through f/5.6.
  • It has inwardly-curved edges from f/6.7 through f/13.
  • It is perfectly round at f/16.
  • Close Focus 1 meter (3' 4" or 40").
  • 52.97mm diameter, maximum (focus ring).
  • 59.43mm (2.340") extension from flange, 66.2mm (2.61") overall.
  • 39 x 0.5mm screw-in filters (E39).
  • 11.977 oz. (339.55g), measured.
  • 12.5 oz. (355g), rated.

Review by Ken Rockwell

"The LEICA TELE-ELMARIT-M 90mm f/2.8 is LEICA's purest long lens. It is LEICA's ideal combination of speed, optical quality, small size and light weight. It's smaller than a 77mm lens cap!

Purest means truest to Oskar Barnack's  vision for the LEICA. This 90mm TELE breathes life into his vision as one of LEICA's smallest and lightest 90mm lenses ever, as well as being both fast (f/2.8) and of very high optical quality.

LEICA's current 90mm f/2 APO Summicron-M ASPH is better optically in some ways that few people will ever notice, but it weighs twice as much. Therefore the 90mm APO is untrue to LEICA's vision.

LEICA's current 90/2.5 Summarit-M is much smaller than the 90mm f/2 ASPH, but still bigger and heavier than this f/2.8 TELE. Not only that, but this 90mm tele sells used for about one-third the cost of the new 90mm f/2.5, and is still smaller and lighter. Yes, the current 90mm f/2.5 is optically a bit better wide-open, but this tele is as good for real photography and much better made mechanically.

LEICA's current 90/4 Marco-Elmar-M s sharper wide-open, focuses more closely, is 3g lighter and slightly smaller than this f/2.8 TELE-M. It costs a lot more, and is a stop slower. If money is no object, get the MACRO-ELMAR-M instead for travel; it also collapses to become even smaller for carrying..."

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Type: Lens

Vendor: Leica