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Leica M3 double stroke 35mm Rangefinder Camera


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Body serial number: #855607

Overall condition M3 body: 8.5/10, comes with 6 month warranty. Some scuffs on bottom plate, dent near left strap lug. Comes with leather case. 

Summicron serial number: #1365574

Overall condition Leitz collapsible Summicron: 6.5/10. Aperture ring a little stiff, front element has some smudges/cleaning marks.


Possibly one of the most iconic Leica bodies, this M3 has the classic Leica look and feel combined with a nifty double-stroke winding mechanism loved by Leica fans. This is the all-mechanical rangefinder to top all others.

Once you have a Leica M3 you will never have to buy another camera again. Not only will you not have to buy another camera again, you will never want to.

Just the fact that since the Leica M3’s introduction 1954, the basic design of Leica M cameras has not really changed is a testament to how well conceived the Leica M3 is.

Although it’s called the Leica M3 it’s actually the first Leica M camera. This is because the 3 was symbolised the fact that the Leica M3 had three focal length frames in the viewfinder. These were 50mm, 90 & 135mm. Read more here


Although the M3 wasn’t the first camera to have a combined, coincident image rangefinder (which meant that a secondary image was projected into the center of the main viewfinder window, allowing a photographer to see, focus, and compose his shot without having to move his eye from one window to another), it was arguably the one that implemented it the best. The M3’s rangefinder window was larger, brighter, and easier to use than any other model that came before it.  In fact, the M3’s viewfinder was larger and brighter than those found in many rangefinder cameras made decades later, including some future Leicas! read more


Viewfinder: 0.90× magnification, bright coupled rangefinder. Framelines cover focal lengths of 50mm, 90mm and 135mm lenses. An external viewfinder is required for wider lenses (or 35mm lenses not specifically for the M3).

Lens mount: Leica M

Shutter: horizontal travel focal plane shutter, cloth curtains, speeds from 1/1000 to 1s

Flash sync: sync speed of 1/50s for electronic flash, flash bulb sync to 

Meter: none

Battery: none







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Type: 35mm Rangefinder

Vendor: Leica