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Leica Mini 35mm Point and shoot camera


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Overall condition 8/10, all functions working, comes with original leather case and 6 months warranty.  

Serial number: 1825696


The Leica mini is a 35mm compact camera, made in Japan.

This is a very basic model. It has an auto-focus prime lens, Leica Elmar 35mm f/3.5. The only thing the user can set are the flash modes, on/off or auto. There is also a self-timer.

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  • Production era - 1991-1993
  • Order nos. - 18004, 18005-DB, 18015-DB.olympia.92 set
  • Type - Compact film point-and-shoot view-finder camera.
  • Special edition - 1992 Barcelona Olympia Set 12015 with top inscription "5-ring logo | OLYMPIA | 1992"
  • Lens - LEICA ELMAR 35 mm f/3.5 – 7.6 (4 elements in 3 groups). UVa protection filter built onto front lens element.
  • Focus range - From 65 cm (26 in.) to infinity. Separate infinity focus lock.
  • Autofocus system - Active infrared autofocus.
  • Exposure control - Automatic program mode, center-weighted integral metering with automatic flash activation.
  • Memory - Focus is locked and metered value saved with light pressure on shutter release button.
  • Exposure override +2Ev, can be activated manually.
  • Metering range 8 cd/m2 > 123,000 cd/m2. At ISO 100 Ev6 (1/5 s and f/3.5) > Ev16 (1/250 s and f/14) Autoflash with exposure > Ev10.
  • Shutter speed range - 1/5 s > 1/250 s and "B" setting up to 5 seconds.

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A review by Hamish

ntrigue definitely got the better of me with the Leica Mini. I must admit I know very little about Leica compact cameras, and it would seem after reading a little bit on the Internet, nor do many other people. I’ve read that the Leica Mini was made by Minolta, Panasonic and I’m pretty sure I’ve read of at least one other OEM mentioned too. One way or another, whilst it might have a Leica “red dot” on it, it’s provenance appears a little questionable. Yet, regardless of this, the used value of these cameras seems relatively high for what they appear to be. I suppose what I wanted to find out for certain is whether the money these cameras demand is due to the quality of the camera, or the name that adorns it?

Short of doing some level of research that might or more than likely might not result in me finding any useful answers to the origins of the Leica Mini, I’ve decided to all but ignore the red dot. I could assume that since it has Leica written on it, that Leica must have had some sort of useful part in its manufacture… Though of course the alternative perspective is that Leica just outsourced its manufacture entirely to provide them with something to compete with the basic 35mm compact Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Olympus et al cameras of the era.

These days, Panasonic seem to have a large part in the build of Leica’s compact digital cameras, some of which – to a great extent – just look like Panasonic cameras with Leica written on them. So maybe the same was the or similar back then? If you really are desperate to know the origin of this camera, the Panasonic 625AF and Minolta Freedom Escort seem to be related, start with those and see how quickly it gets confusing.

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Type: Point and Shoot Camera

Vendor: Leica