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LEICA R4s 35mm SLR Film Camera


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The R4S (S stood for Simplified) was a simplified version of the R4.

A rotary dial selected the mode, changing between integrated & selective metering was effected by a small lens moving in front of the meter cell which was mounted in the camera base like previous models, but moved forward and angled towards the film plane. This was to allow the same cell to measure both selective and full field for which the secondary mirror was larger than earlier cameras. Selective metering measured from the central focussing area only, a circle about 7mm of the viewfinder image.

Offered from 1983 the R4s was a lower cost model with reduced features lacking shutter priority and program modes, however incorporating some improvements to the controls. Automated flash control was not provided but flash ready was indicated in the viewfinder by suitable flash units which also selected flash synchronisation speed 1/100s. The camera was assembled by the Leica factory in Portugal. Early production R4 cameras suffered from electronic failures which marred the reputation of Leica for reliability.

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  • Manual exposure / selective metering
  • Aperture priority semi automatic exposure / selective metering with exposure lock
  • Aperture priority semi automatic exposure / integrated (centre weighted) metering
  • Shutter priority semi automatic exposure / integrated (centre weighted) metering
  • Program automatic exposure / integrated (centre weighted) metering

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John: The R4 gets good reviews on the web, but last year when I was looking at buying into a Leica SLR, I spoke to (arguably) the top Leica repair guy in the world - the man Leica send the cameras that they can't repair to - and he recommended the R4 to me. He told me that in his opinion they were very reliable and robust and great to use.

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Category: slr

Type: 35 mm camera

Vendor: LEICA