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Leicaflex Leitz SL 35mm SLR camera + 50mm Summicron + leather case


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Serial Number: 1240061

Overall Condition: 8.5/10, some specks in viewfinder. Comes with 6 months warrant.

Serial Number: 1279003

Overall condition: 8.5/10, some specks in viewfinder. Comes with 6 month warranty


The Leicaflex was the first series of 35mm single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras manufactured by Leitz. The Leicaflexes were fully mechanical cameras marketed between 1964 and 1976, in response to the rapid increase in popularity and usability of SLRs during this period. Their appeal was limited by their failure to keep pace with the state of the art in SLR design, their somewhat limited selection of accessories, and their extremely high price in comparison with their Japanese competitors. They were ultimately replaced by the R series Leicas developed by Leitz with the assistance of Minolta under a cooperation agreement between the two companies.


Shutter: Horizontal metal focal-plane, speeds: 1-1/2000

Viewfinder: SLR pentaprism finder, w/ match the needle-pointer and shutter speed scale

Exposure meter: selective TTL CdS meter, central spot metering

Flash PC socket: two, for X and bulb flashes, max speed 1/100 for electronic flash

Film speed range: 8-6400 ASA, setting: by dial around the re-wind knob, ASA/ DIN scales, with a push button locking, beside the rewind knob

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Collections: SLR

Type: 35mm Camera

Vendor: Leica

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