Lomography C 110 ORCA Black and White Negative CAMERA Film (ISO 100)


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This film expires in August 2018 

Product Description Guess Who’s Back –
The 110 format was introduced in the 1970s and has gained popularity because it was easy to use. Production was halted in 2009, leaving many analogue enthusiasts heartbroken. But worry not, because Lomography is bringing 110 back with the Orca!  
Perfect Pairing – Lomography’s Fisheye Baby Cameras  work absolutely well with the Orca to give you the finest B&W fisheye shots in 110! Super easy to use, the Fisheye Baby automatically stops the film at each frame, taking the guesswork out of your snap-shooting!  
Small Wonder – The 110 format gained popularity because of its portability. Those who are not familiar with 110 can now experience a different side of analogue with the Orca!  
Pocket-sized – The small size of the Orca makes it compatible with standard 110 pocket cameras.  
Mad about Monochrome – The Orca produces black and white images oozing with stunning contrasts  
Produces images with more "snap" than 35mm. Can be used to for portraits, landscapes and other applications. 
  • FILM SPEED: ISO / ASA 100 
  • TYPE:  Black and White 
  • FILM SIZE:  13 x 17 mm (0.51 x 0.67 in) 
  • DEVELOPMENT:   Manual Developing 
  • COMPATIBLE CAMERA:  All 110  format cameras 
  • SPECIAL:  Lomography Black and White X

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Category: 110 camera films

Type: 110 Film

Vendor: Lomography

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