Lomography B 120 LomoChrome Turquoise XR 100-400 ISO


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Pick up this color negative film to wash your photos with beautiful shades of blue and green.

Following up on our popular LomoChrome Purple film, LomoChrome Turquoise bathes your photos in lustrous tones – turning lighter colors into varying shades of blues from aqua to cobalt and transforming greens into deep emerald shades and a crystal clear sea into a golden hue. Whatever you decide to shoot with LomoChrome Turquoise, each shot will be original, enchanting and a product of fantastic experimentation.

We are constantly thinking up and creating new films all in the name of photographic experimentation! This film is capable of producing stunning results.The great thing about LomoChrome Turquoise is that it is actually a regular color negative film, which gives color shifting results without the bother of having to use additional filters – this clever film produces these picture-perfect photos totally naturally.

Surprising Hues: The LomoChrome Turquoise lets you explore the color spectrum like you never have before. Warm colors become blue, blue becomes golden, green becomes emerald. Capable of producing picture-perfect photos totally naturally, LomoChrome Turquoise will bathe your photos in lustrous tones from a broader color spectrum.

Stand-out Shots: Aside from its remarkable color quality, LomoChrome Turquoise delivers vibrant photos with superb sharpness and fine grain. This film new also allows you to shoot in any weather condition and achieves breathtaking effects without using any special filters!

Color Shift: Control the color changes in your photos with different ISO settings to see how the colors change and respond. Whatever you decide to shoot with LomoChrome Turquoise, each shot will be original, enchanting and a product of fantastic experimentation. This is a great way to explore unlimited color creativity!

Film Sensitivity: The sensitivity of the film is ISO 400 (27°). Its high flexibility in terms of light sensitivity also allows you to set your camera to ISO 200 (24°) and ISO 100 (21°) - This gives you more options for experimentation in different lighting conditions.

Standard Development: LomoChrome Turquoise should be developed with the standard C-41 process.

Storage Information: The storage temperature for this film is 20 °C. To extend the life of the film, we recommend storing it in the fridge, under 10°C. Don’t expose the film to temperatures above 30°C for long periods.

Film Type: Color negative
Development: C-41
Sensitivity: ISO 100 (21°) to ISO 400 (27°)
Format: 120
Storage: It is recommended to store the film in a fridge (under 10°C/50°F)

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Category: 120 camera films, Lomography {LOMO}

Type: 120 Film

Vendor: Lomography

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