Mamiya C330 Professional 120 6X6 Medium format TLR (With 6 months warranty)


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The C330 is wonderful for portraits, where it excels. It is also very good for double exposures and very slow shutter speeds. It is also comfortable for landscape shooting. It is good for macro if you have the Promenader. I like the square format, but i will also draw some crop marks on the viewfinder for when i want to print to 8x10" and similar sizes.



  • Uses 120 and 220 film
  • With the rack and pinion bellows type focusing system, close-up photography is possible without attachments.
  • Has a self-cocking one action 360° winding crank with a double exposure prevention device. Double exposure is also possible. The straight filmroll path has no right-angle turn and guarantees an absolutely flat film.
  • The backplate is changeable for single-exposure photography
  • Dimensions: 122 (w) × 168 (h) × 114 (d)
  • Weight: 1.7 kg (with standard lens)

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