Mamiya RB67 Pro SD Medium Format Camera with 90mm & 180mm Lens


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Mamiya RB67 Pro SD Medium Format SLR Camera with f/3.5 90mm & f/4.5 180mm Lens

All cameras come with six months warranty. Please note that this RB67 does not have a dark slide for the 120 film back, and the rotating back is stiff, but still does turn - it does require some effort however. 

Included in this kit:
1) Mamiya RB67 Pro SD Body
2) Mamiya RB67 Waist Level Finder
3) Mamiya RB67 120 Film Back
4) Mamiya RB67 K/L f/3.5 90mm Lens
5) Mamiya RB67 K/L f/4 180mm Lens
6) Camera Strap
7) 2 x Kenko UV Filters (77mm Thread)
8) 1 x Camera Lens Cover (77mm Thread)


Does much really need to be said about one of the most famous medium format 6x7 cameras of all time? With an all-mechanical, no nonsense design even in the 90s, the legendary Mamiya RB67 Pro SD is an amazing medium format camera that fires arguably the best medium format aspect ratio producing 6 cm by 7 cm negatives. This model is the Pro SD, Mamiya's final fully mechanical medium format camera.

The 'RB' in the name refers to Mamiya's incredible rotating back design, allowing for both landscape and portrait 6x7 shots simply by rotating the back, which is incredibly helpful given the impracticality of portrait shots with a waist level finder, and moreso the fact this camera weights well over 2 kg with all the attachments. There's a reason for its weight - an incredibly well built steel chassis with components that were designed to last. 

Mamiya's medium format lenses were legendary - with the RB67's leaf shutter lenses included on that list, with incredibly fast flash sync capabilities making it perfect for those who were needing the ultimate studio camera, which is helped by the mirror lock up function available on the RB67s.


  • Brand: Mamiya
  • Film Format: Medium Format, 120, 220*
  • Camera Type: Medium Format SLR
  • Year of Release: 1990
  • Shutter Speed: Lens dependent - typically 1/400s to 1s, fully mechanical leaf shutters
  • ISO/ASA Range: None
  • Lens Mount: RB67 'K/L' & 'L', Original RB67 and 'C' lenses require an adapter to be mounted
  • Extra Features: Rotating back, allowing for portrait & landscape 6x7 photos.
  • Battery: None, fully mechanical

*A 220 film back is needed for the camera to use 220 format film.





Category: medium format camera, slr

Type: Medium Format Camera

Vendor: Mamiya