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Mamiya Super 23 + Mamiya Sekor 100mm f/ 3.5


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SR # A55939

7/10 overall condition comes with 6 months warranty

Main features :
  • Quality, versatility
  • Dominate the final years of the press camera market
  • Range/viewfinder is large
  • Mamiya Sekor 100mm f/ 3.5
  • Lever-advanced rollfilm holders for either the 6x7 or 6x9 format

Mamiya introduced the Super 23 in 1967 and it would be the next to the last design the company would release as part of their series of "press" cameras. The term "press camera" was already an anachronism when the model was introduced as photojournalists had long since adopted the 35mm camera as their tool of choice. Instead, Mamiya found willing customers for the new camera among the ranks of professional photographers who appreciated the Super 23's combination of quality, versatility, and fast handling ideal for the bread-and-butter work of wedding, portrait, architectural, and studio photography.

The Super 23 and its sister camera, the Universal (Mamiya's final press camera design released in '69), would dominate the final years of the press camera market by offering photographers far more versatility and value when compared to competitors such as the Graflex XL, the Koni-Omegas, or the various medium format Linhofs of the day.

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Type: Medium Format Camera

Vendor: Mamiya