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Mamiya Universal + Mamiya Sekor C 50mm f/ 6.3 Wide Angle Lens + 50mm Viewfinder + Polaroid Back medium format camera


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SR # A82709
7/10 overall condition comes with 6 months warranty



The best part about the camera is that it is a true modular system, like the 35mm system SLRs, the Universal can be completely customized to suit whatever you need it to do. You have plenty of options for the film medium 120/220 (in the same back to boot) in all the major exposure sizes for medium format film (6×4.5, 6×6, 6×7, and 6×9). You can also mount a 2×3 sheet film back and a ground glass screen for focusing or a Type 100 Polaroid film back. For this test I shot with a 6×9 back, I feel that the camera would operate much better with a 6×7 back as it gave the photographer the same aspect ratio of 4×5 through a smaller negative size it brings the camera back to its roots of being a press camera. The Universal is also backed by a solid line of optics, after shooting with Mamiya-Sekor glass I found the optics to be sharp and spot on. And the camera is a lot more portable than the average 4×5 press camera and the grip on the side helps with a trigger to fire off the shutter.




  • 50mm f/6.3 - 8 elements in 5 groups (Biogon type)


  • Interchangeable lens type 6 x 9 format camera :
  • Photography with 6 x 9, 6 x 7, and 6 x 4.5 formats by using various holders. When using the POLAROID LAND pack film holder, actual picture size is 73 x 95 mm. : Breech lock bayonet mount type. :
  • SEIKO #0 shutter Shutter speed B, 1 -1/500 second Flash synchronization, M and X selecting type. With press focus device (shutter blade arresting) :
  • 100 mm f/3.5 retracting type, minimum aperture f/32, with lens hood. 127 mm f/4.7, minimum aperture f/64, with lens hood. :
  • Reversed Galileian telescope, couples doubleimage coincidence type, instant coupling to selected lens. :
  • Adjustable brilliant frame fields for 100 mm, 150 mm, and 250 mm lenses; 6 x 9 and 6 x 7 formats; Automatic parallax compensation. Use exclusive optical viewfinders for 50 mm and 75 mm lenses. When photographing through the Polaroid Land film pack size, use the optical viewfinder model P for 75, 100, and 127 mm lenses.

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