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The Minolta Pocket Autopak 460T is a sophisticated little viewfinder camera for the popular type No. 110 16mm film cassettes. It was launched in 1979 by Minolta. The camera has two lenses, one 1:4.7/43mm tele lens and one 1:3.5/26m normal lens which can be used alternately. The built-in electronic flash is shifted a little bit aside when switched on.

The Pocket Autopak 460 Tx is a compact film camera which uses "110" cartridges and has many features. The 460Tx has three aperture/f-stop settings, manual focusing control (adjusts from 3.3 feet to five, ten ft. or infinity), and a low-light warning beep.

It also has a sliding lens cover, a normal/telephoto switch (the viewfinder changes to show how the picture will appear with either setting), a flash ready indicator light, and a neck or wrist strap holder.

The Minolta Pocket Autopak 460Tx also has a relatively large built-in flash, which only requires 1 "AA" battery. When the flash is activated, the aperture adjusts accordingly and a backlight illuminates the focus control.


Film Advance:

Thumb-operated slide provides a quick, smooth , one-stroke film advance.

CdS Meter Window:

Measures light for programmed EE exposure control from EV2.6 to EV16.3 with ASA 64 to ASA 400 at automatically changed apertures of f / 3.5 and f / 9.

Close-Up Lens Slide Tab:

Positions built-in close-up lens for photography at 1.6 ft. Viewfinder signal indicates that the camera is in close-up mode. Camera's neck cord (not shown) is proper length for measuring shooting distance.

Battery Check Button:

Activates red lamp inside of viewfinder to indicate batteries are O.k.

pocket flash electronic flash:

Compact unit clips on to camera 's hot shoe (not shown) and automati call y synchs with camera at 1/100 second. Provides up to 120 daylight-quality flashes with one AA-size AM battery. Also included on this diminutive unit are an on-off switch, glowing flash ready signal and a hot shoe lock to prevent the flash from accidentally disengaging from the camera.

Lens Cover Slide:

Moves protective cover over lens, masks viewfinder and locks shutter release to prevent accidental exposure.


High-quality 26mm f/ 3.5lens for sharp pictures in dim or bright light.


Focusing camera sets lens aperture for correct flash exposure

Tripod Socket:

Threaded to accept tripod mounting screw.- Readmore


I guess the X in TX stands for XTRA.  And that's what this camera has over the 460-T -- EXTRAS!  Updated version of 460-T. The main difference is that it has an illuminated distance scale on top of the camera when the flash is activated (because you're shooting in the dark). Switchable 26mm (f3.5-f8.0) / 43mm (f4.7-f13.5), zone focusing (3.3 ft to infinity) lens. Mechanical shutter with speed of 1/200. CDS meter provides programmed exposure control. 3-position aperture setting, for sun, cloudy, or flash .  Built-in flash.  1 1/8 x 2 3/8 x 6 1/2" .  100 or 400 speed film.  The telephoto lens is also a good macro: the view from 3.3' is only 9x11" --  about the same as when using the close-up lens on the model 450E.  Viewfinder shows a red warning LED if the built-in flash needs to be selected.  There is also an audible low-light alarm.  When flash is selected, the distance scale glows green for easy focusing.  The viewfinder LED and an external orange light flicker when the flash is ready.  Built-in sliding lens cover locks the shutter.  No close-up lens, tripod socket, or cable release socket. The camera uses a single AA cell.








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