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Minolta SRT 200 SLR camera with ROKKOR-PF 55mm 1:2


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Overall Condition: 8.5/10 condition (with minor scratch and dent on the body; lens, mirror, and prism is clean and scratch free). All functions tested and working properly (including light meter) comes with a 6-month warranty, Fully mechanical SLR for professional use.

Serial Number: #7463185


The Minolta SR-T Series of cameras launched in 1966 was a huge step forward from the SR Series that had proceeded it. For the first time Minolta had released a camera with through the lens metering, but unlike its competitors it did this at full aperture. The shutter speed dial is on top, and the aperture ring is around the lens.  There are two needles visible on the right side of the viewfinder.  One is pointy, and it represents the exposure reading.  The other needle has a circle on the end of it and changing the aperture and shutter speed moves the circle. Read More.....



  • Single lens reflex camera with through-the-lens CLC (Contrast Light Compensator) meter coupled to shutter and film speed.
  • Meter sensitivity EV 3 to EV 17 at ASA 100.
  • Film speeds supported ASA 6-6400
  • Fully mechanical cloth focal plane shutter with speeds from 1-1/1000 sec plus B
  • Shutter speeds 1-1/60 sec with electronic flash
  • Oversized quick return mirror for no image cut-off even with super telephoto lenses
  • Exposure control needle visible in viewfinder
  • Flash synchronisation (X and FP)
  • Automatic reset film counter
  • Accessory shoe



By Slbenton

Wow! now I have to clean up my old SRT 200 and go find some film! This was my first camera back in….1980's Read More......

By Andrew F

As for the SRT 200, that was my first real camera back in 1981 (bought it new with an MD Rokkor 45/2). While 1981 was the last production year for SRT’s and they did away with the excellent CLC meter sometime around 1977 Read More....





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Type: 35 mm camera

Vendor: Minolta