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Mint Camera Flash Bar 2 for Polaroid SX-70-Type Cameras

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Mint Flash Bar 2 is designed for your Polaroid SX-70-type instant camera to illuminate subjects from 2-10' away in dark scenes. It is optimized for use with more sensitive 600-type filmImpossible film. It's ND compensation mode  plus the LED display for checking output and status quickly.

A 2.5mm sync port on the side further enhances your lighting capabilities by allowing you to connect an external flash unit with hot pink and chartreuse filters included for artistic effects. It runs on 2 AAA cells (included).

  • User manual (Included)
  • Powered by 2 AAA cells (Included)
  • Delivered with color filters in hot pink and chartreuse
  • Attached external flash through 2.5mm audio jack(not included)
Allows you to use 600 ASA film in SX-70 cameras, thanks to a special, switchable ND-compensation mode. Light temperature is optimized for use with Impossible Silver and Color Shade films