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Pentax 645 Nii Medium Format Camera

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Pentax 645 Nii Medium Format camera, lens kit and accessories with box. 

All cameras come with a 6 month warranty.

This is the perfect first camera if you're dipping your toes into the 120 shooting pool.

Introducing the Pentax 645 Nii Medium Format camera.

This beauty takes 120 film and shoots 645 format, getting more bang for your buck shooting medium format. 

This kit comes with a 75mm lens plus a 6x7 135mm lens with adapter. This dreamy lens is perfect for portraits.

This camera looks and feels super modern and isn't too heavy. The grip feels really good in your hands.

You can read a great review below:




  6x4.5-format autofocus single-lens-reflex camera with multi-mode TTL auto-exposure control.
  (1) 120 roll film (15 or 16 exposures); (2) 220 roll film (32 or 33 exposures). Film loaded onto interchangeable film holder.
Image size
  56mm x 41.5mm.
Lens mount
  PENTAX 645 AF mount (interchangeable with PENTAX 645 A mount). Applicable lenses: (1) smc PENTAX 645-FA lenses; (2) smc PENTAX 645-A lenses (usable in manual-focus mode only).
Exposure Control
Metering system: TTL open-aperture multi-pattern metering.
Metering mode: (1) Dual six-segment metering; (2) Center-weighted metering; (3) Spot metering.
Metering range: EV2 - EV21 (at ISO100 with 75mm F2.8 lens). Electronic timer with holding time of 10 sec.
Exposure mode: (1) Programmed AE; (2) Shutter-Priority AE; (3) Aperture-Priority AE; (4) Metered Manual; (5) Bulb.
AE lock: Activated with AE lock button. Exposure value memorized for approx. 10 sec.
Exposure compensation: ±3.3EV (1/3EV steps) or ±3.5EV (1/2EV steps).
Auto-bracketing: ±1/3EV,±2/3EV,±1EV (1/3EV steps) or ±1/2EV,±1EV,±1.5EV (1/2EV steps)
  Depth-of-field preview provided.
Type: Electronically controlled vertical-run cloth focal-plane shutter.
Speed: (1) Auto: 1/1000 sec. - 30 sec. stepless; (2) Manual: 1/1000 sec. - 6 sec.; (3) Flash sync: 1/60 sec.; (4) Bulb; (5) Leaf-shutter lens: 1/8 sec. Shutter locked with main switch off.
Type: Keplerian telescope viewfinder with interchangeable Natural-Bright-Matte focusing screen (AF Center Spot Matte screen as standard)
Field of view: 92% vertical, 93% horizontal.
Magnification: 0.76X (with 75mm lens at infinity with -1 diopter).
Diopter adjustment range: -3.5 - +1.0m-1 (diopters).
Viewfinder LCD Indication
  (1) Focus indicator; (2) Shutter speed; (3) Aperture; (4) Flash status; (5) Bar graph; (6) AE lock; (7) Exposure compensation factor; (8) Out-of-exposure coupling range warning; (9) Over- and underexposure indication in Metered Manual.
External LCD Indication
  (1) ISO film speed; (2) Exposure count; (3) Film transport status; (4) Battery level; (5) Photographic data imprinting.
Film Handling
  Automatic film advance with built-in motor.
Loading: Automatic first frame positioning via shutter release button.
Advance mode: (1) Single-frame advance; (2) Consecutive advance (approx. 2 frames/sec.)
  Automatic advance to film end after last frame (Mid-roll advance to film end possible via mid-roll wind-up button).
Type: TTL phase-matching autofocus system with focus lock and predictive autofocus.
Effective illumination range: EV-1-EV18 (at ISO100).
AF frame: (1) 3-point AF; (2) Spot AF.
  PCV beep sound for in-focus indication (cancellation possible).
  Swing-back instant-return mirror with mirror lock-up mechanism.
Flash Synchronization
  (1) Hotshoe (X-sync contact and dedicated flash contact); (2) X-sync socket.
X-sync speed via hotshoe: 1/60-sec. automatically set at recharge completion of dedicated flash unit (X-sync speeds slower than 1/60 sec. can be used in Shutter-Priority AE and Metered Manual).
TTL auto flash:
Available with Pentax dedicated-flash units via hotshoe.
PENTAX Function
  10 custom-programmable functions
Photographic Data Imprinting
  12-segment dot-matrix data imprinting system. Data imprinted out of image area.
Recordable data: (1) Camera body ID; (2)Total number of film rolls; (3)Exposure frame number; (4) Exposure mode; (5) Shutter speed (Exposure time in bulb); (6) Aperture; (7)Exposure compensation value; (8) Use of auto bracketing; (9) Metering mode; (10) Use of AE lock ; (11) Use of flash synchronization; (12) Lens focal length (only with SMC PENTAX-FA lenses; approximate value for zoom lenses); (13) Focusing mode; (14) Auto focus mode; (15) Auto focus frame; (16) Auto focus point.; (17) ISO film speed.
  Data imprinting cancellation (blank mode)available.
  Electronically controlled self-timer with 12-second delay. Mid-operation cancellation possible.
Film Speed
  ISO6 - ISO6400.
Power Source
  6 AA-size batteries (alkaline or lithium batteries).
Battery life: Approximately 130 rolls of 120 roll film; approximately 100 rolls of 220 roll film (under in-house test conditions using alkaline batteries).
  Via multi-exposure switch.
  150 (W) x 111 (H) x 117 (D) mm (5.9" x 4.4" x 4.6")
  1,280g without batteries