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Ricoh XR-10 SLR 35mm Film Camera with 35mm-70mm Lens

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Introducing your newest film companion.
The Ricoh XR-10 is a nice compact 35mm SLR perfect for those who want to get into film photography. 
The settings allow you shoot on bulb mode or up to 1/1000 second. The Ricoh XR-10 uses K Mount lenses allowing you to change them out as your lens collection grows. The lens this kits comes with has a small amount of zoom so you can experiment with different subject matter at different focal lengths.
Feel free to come down to the store to try out this camera for yourself.
Type: 35 mm SLR with automatic electronic exposure control focal plane shutter.
Film Format and Frame Size: 35 mm film, 24X36mm
Lens Mount: K Mount
Standard Lens: 50 mm RIKENON f/2.0-P
Shutter: Electronically controlled, vertically moving focal plane shutter, Automatic: 16 sec. to 1/1000 sec. Manual: 16 sec. to 1/1000 sec. (by Quartz Control) B(Bulb)
Self-Timer: Operating delay of approx. 10 seconds. During operation, red LED blinks.
Viewfinder: Field of view covers 93% horizontally and vertically. Magnification: 0.88X(with 50 mm F1.4 standard lens). Display by LCD: Exposure adjustment, Bulb, Manual, Overexposure, Underexposure, Shutter speed indicator, Battery low warning signal, F-stop number, AE lock.
LED indicator: flash ready indicator.
Focusing: Diagonal split-image spot.
Exposure Meter: TTL full open metering for center-weighted average light reading.
Exposure Coupling Range: EV 0--EV 18 (with ISO 100 film, 50 mm F1.4 lens)
Film Speed Range: ISO 12 - 3200
Flash Terminal: X synchro contact
Accessory Shoe: Hot shoe (with Flash Ready Signal Contact)
Exposure Adjustment: Exposure adjustment system (+2 ~ - 2, in 1/3 steps), AE lock system
Film Advance: Single stroke film advance lever, 135 winding angle and 35 stand-off.
Automatic Film Advance: Possible with XR Winder-2 and PG-4 (Power Grip).
Exposure Counter: Additive, automatic resetting.
Film Rewind: Film rewind crank system.