SLR670m Mint recreated Polaroid Sx-70 camera


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Comes with 3 years warranty
When MiNT introduced SLR670 last year, we didn't fully understand what we were feeding
the market. Not until our pioneers used it - and gave us some very positive feedback,we truly understood the potential of SLR670. The market wants something better than the SX-70. We decided to dedicate 12 months of hard work to make it happen.
New - SX-70 670m SLR camera 
Manual Magic
MiNT proudly presents SLR670m, compatible with Time Machine
Now you can finally control the shutter speed of your Polaroid SX-70 Camera. The aperture is always fixed at f/8 when you insert the Time Machine. And you can even enjoy shutter speeds of up to 1/2000, which means capturing higher speed images. 
How it works
On most Polaroid SX-70s, the electric eye is already over 30 years old and due to its old age, may lead to inaccurate exposures. This won't happen anymore with SLR670m, because we are replacing the electric eye with a new one on every camera. What's more, you can use your own light meter (or light meter app) and then adjust the shutter speed on your Time Machine.
Time Machine
Use auto mode if you want SLR670m to work like an ordinary SX-70.
Or simply unplug the Time Machine to go back to auto mode. Works like magic.
For long exposures, use B mode. Keep pressing the shutter button and it will keep exposing.
Perfect for light painting.
T mode is for extra long exposures where you can press the button once to open the shutter and once to close the shutter. Someone crazy tried using this mode to take pictures of stars at night.
Turn your camera off with the off-mode if you don't want your friends to mess with your camera.  You don't want your friends to use up your film especially when you become center of attention. Pretty awesome.

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