Nikon Nikomat FTN 35mm camera #3227693 with Nikkor 50mm Pre ai F/1.4 (with 6 months warranty)


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Overall 7.5/10 condition, comes with 6 months warranty

* Fully working *

* Lens have small cleaning fungus mark at rear glass *



This camera was the third in Nikon's Nikkormat/Nikomat series, introduced in 1967 it featured centre-weighted thru-lens metering rather than the average metering of the previous FT model. Otherwise it was identical in appearance. Like preceding models it had a detachable accessory shoe and shutter speed dial around the lens mount.



Lens meter coupling type Nikon prong ("bunny ears")
Maximum aperture coupling : f/1.2 to f/5.6
Iso :  12 to1600
Meter sensor type : TTL The center-weighted (heavy-centered) metering 
Shutter : Vertical metal curtained focal-plane mechanical
Shutter speed  : 1 to 1/1000 second + Bulb
Flash sync speed : PC socket 1/125 sec
Interchangeable focusing screens : No
Interchangeable viewfinder heads : No
Interchangeable backs : No
Self Timer : 10 seconds
Battery : Single 1.3 volt mercury battery (PX625A)
Body weight: 745g

A review by Casualphotophile

One more Nikomat FTN improvement was to concentrate exposure meter sensitivity.
The FT used "Whole Average Metering", but the FTN applied "Center-Weighted Metering".

Center-Weighted Metering was featured in the Nikon F Photomic TN released in the same year.
Initially, with the Nikon TTL metering system, a condenser lens in front of light sensor prevented light from viewfinder eyepiece from affecting the exposure.
For Center-Weighted Metering, an aperture plate was added and most of the meter's sensitivity concentrated on the center area. read more



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