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Nikon AF F-801 Auto focus SLR Camera with 35-70 mm With AF Nikkor Lens


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Overall condition 8/10 Comes with 6 months warranty
Nikon F-801 is a 35mm film SLR autofocus electronic camera, manufactured by Nikon Corporation, Japan and produced between 1988-1991. Nikon F-801 is also known as Nikon N8008 in USA.
  • Lens release: button on the left side of the lens mount
  • Focus modes: Autofocus and Manual with electronic rangefinder
  • Autofocus modes: single servo AF with focus priority and continous servo AF with release priority
  • AF detection system: TTL phase detection system - Nikon Advanced AM200 module
  • AF detection range: EV minus 1 to EV 19 at ISO 100.
  • AF lock: possible in single servo AF mode once a stationary subject is in focus as long as the shutter button is depressed; in continuous servo AF
    • This is a review of the Nikon F-801. I base my opinion on a four month period together with this camera and two films i shot during this time.As always, this camera was a car boot sale, it came together with a bundle of cameras/lenses including a Pentax K-1000, a Sigma 24 f/2.8, a Pentax AF 50 f/1.7 and this camera for a total of £27 pounds - the F-801 cost the £2 out of the £27. 
    • The F-801 is a significant camera in the Nikon line. It was probably the first Nikon AF SLR that actually did work ( I dont consider the F-501/F-401x as functional AF cameras...) and due to the high quality levels of construction and reliability, it found its way into many professionals' camera bags as the ideal back up body to the legendary F4. Many of these cameras work fine even to this day. A few years later it was updated to the F-801s which implemented a focus prediction mode and spot metering and usually fetches slightly more money.
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