Nikon F1 Photomic 35mm SLR camera (body) #6812639 (with 6 months warranty)


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 7/10 overall condition, comes with 6 months warranty 

*light meter does not work*


Nikon’s F was the first to solve nearly every drawback associated with 35mm SLR film cameras. At the time of its release, one Japanese publication soberly reported that the “Nikon F has implemented almost all requirements placed on 35mm SLR cameras.” (Asahi Camera, 1959, September). This conservatively worded review, tinged with the low expectations for Japanese 35mm cameras, hints at Nikon’s brave new world of Japanese superiority. With the F, lens apertures no longer remained stopped down after shooting, mirrors returned automatically to their rest position, and viewfinders could be swapped out to fulfill the requirements of every possible shooting scenario. A lockable mirror, incredible lens lineup, motor drives for shooting up to four frames-per-second, expandable film backs up to 250 exposures, titanium foil shutter blades, and generally bullet-proof construction effectively signaled Nikon’s intent to become the best camera manufacturer in the world.

The F is a fully mechanical camera. There are no circuits to degrade, no flashing LED’s, no batteries to leak, and no contacts to corrode. Its controls are simplicity itself, with the top plate brandishing a shutter speed dial, film advance lever, shutter release button, advance/rewind switch, and a film rewind knob. The rear of the camera features the prism release button for swapping out prisms. The front sees inclusion of a self-timer lever, mirror lock-up switch, depth-of-field preview button, and lens release button. On the bottom is a film-back lock, tripod mount, and ASA/ISO reminder dial.

This camera does everything any shooter could ask of it. From covering wars, to photography in lunar orbit, the F has never met a challenge it couldn’t handle. It’s impeccably built, shoots beautifully, and will operate forever. The F mount optics are second-to-none, and the range of expandable accessories is unmatched by its contemporaries. The F is a machine that was made by obsessive engineers for the most exacting photographers, and they succeeded in creating something that no one dreamed could be possible. So is the F Nikon’s best 35mm SLR? In short, yes it is.






Type of camera: 35mm single-lens reflex

Picture format :24mm x 36mm standard 35mm film format

Lens mount : Nikon bayonet type

Shutter : Mechanically governed, horizontal-travel, titanium foil focal-plane shutter

Mechanical control for 11 shutter speeds from 1 sec to 1/1000 sec, including X (1/60 sec); B and T also provided; separate gear trains for slow (1 sec to 1/30 sec?) and fast shutter speeds

Self-timer : 3 to 10 sec

Viewfinder : Split-image Type A  

Finder coverage : Virtually 100%

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The Nikon F will always have its place in history, the question that remains is whether or not the F is relevant today. The short answer is that no camera collection is complete without one. But the F is a pro-grade camera that begs to be used, and to keep it on a collector’s shelf is nearly criminal. So what will the average photophile find in the field?

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 sample photo

1) mailynovember 

2) gk.parkinson 

3) ooma 


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