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Nikon F2 35mm camera with 50mm f.18


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Overall condition 8/10. Body is clean, some light scuffs. Comes with 6 months warranty Some marks in the prism. All speeds OK.

*light meter not working*

This F2 body comes with a DP-1 metering head and an A-type focusing screen. The prism and focusing screen have some marks on the inside (visible through viewfinder) though this won't appear on or affect the images.

The F2 is one of Nikon's most famous film cameras. Highly regarded and considered the go-to camera for photojournalists and war correspondents alike, this camera was made to take a beating. It's fully mechanical workhorse, with shutter speeds from 10s to 1/2000.  It features a robust all-metal construction and has a comfortable weight to. The F2 boasts a modular design, allowing you to swap out metering 'heads' and focusing screens in a matter of seconds. There are a wide variety of these available, allowing you to tailor your F2 to your style of shooting. 

DP-1 Photomic finder

The F2 that couples with a DP-1 is referred as F2 Photomic. The DP-1 which comes with the Nikon F2 Photomic utilizes Nikon's through-the-lens center-weighted exposure measurement at full aperture by centering the needle; stop down control is possible. Fully interchangeable with other F2 Nikon viewfinders, this finder is designed for Non-AI lenses.


  • Extended shutter speed range of 10s to 1/2000 and 1/80 flash sync
  • ISO 6 to 6400 with initial DP-1 head
  • Larger reflex mirror to minimize viewfinder vignetting with some lenses
  • Shorter 120 degree stroke, and integrated On/off switch in film advance lever
  • Rounded contour body for better ergonomics
  • Rewind crank with a 6mm raised position for easier manual film rewinding
  • Removable hinged back
  • Takes a single 3v lithium battery or 2x 1.5v LR44 (or equivalent) batteries

Review by kenrockwell 

The Nikon F2 is so good that many photographers — including myself — preferred to pay more for used Nikon F2s in the early 1980s after they were discontinued than to pay less for a brand-new Nikon F3 with which Nikon replaced it. The Nikon F3 was electronic, and was not trusted to meet professional demands under all conditions. Time proved the F3 just as reliable, but in the early and middle 1980s, electronic cameras were deemed suitable only for amateurs. The Nikon F2 was the king of newspaper and magazine photography of the 1970s.

Its development in part was fuelled by cameras developed for NASA for Apollo and SkyLab missions.






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Type: 35 mm camera

Vendor: Nikon