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Nikon F2 pro-SLR Black with Nikkor-P 55mm f3.5 lens, DE-1 prism


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8.5/10 overall condition, lens and both finder are clean and clear, some very minor marks from use.

comes with 6 months warranty 

F2 Body s/n 7949986

Nikkor 55mm f3.5 *716569

comes with both DE-1 and DP-1 prism



The Nikon F2 is an all-metal, mechanically-controlled (springs, gears, levers), manual focus SLR with manual exposure control. The camera itself needed no batteries, though the prism light metre did (and of course the motor drive if added). The F2 replaced the Nikon F, adding many new features (a faster 1/2000 second maximum shutter speed, a swing open back for easier film loading, a wider assortment of detachable finders and metering heads, a 250 exposure film back, a larger reflex mirror to ensure no vignetting, and a shutter release nearer the front of the camera for better ergonomics). It also offered a detachable motor drive, something the F only had as a custom modification. It was the last all-mechanical professional-level Nikon SLR.

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Nikon Nikkor-P Micro 55mm


Nikon uses the word "Micro" to mean the same thing as "macro." I'll use these words interchangeably.

The Nikon Micro-NIKKOR 55mm f/3.5 is an excellent manual-focus lens. It works perfectly on every manual-focus Nikon camera, and also works great on all better digital Nikons, especially the D3XD700 and other FX cameras. It won't meter with the cheaper DX digital or AF cameras like the D90; for these cameras, guess and use the LCD, or use the Gossen Digisix meter and hot-shoe adapter.

For manual focus cameras, the newer f/2.8 AI-s version is still made today, and used f/2.8 versions cost very little more. This f/3.5 is a great lens, but if I had my choice, I'd get the f/2.8. I only bought this one to archive here; I already have two f/2.8 AI-s 55mm lenses I bought new over the years.

For AF and digital cameras, I'd suggest getting the newest 60mm AFD instead. For the D40, you'll want the 60mm AF-S to have autofocus.

Even for manual focus cameras today, I'd suggest getting the 60mm AFD since it also will work perfectly on your AF cameras.

The optics of all of these lenses are superlative; it's the mechanics and ease of use with AF and digital cameras which varies...

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  • Review by kenrockwell 

The Nikon F2 is so good that many photographers — including myself — preferred to pay more for used Nikon F2s in the early 1980s after they were discontinued than to pay less for a brand-new Nikon F3 with which Nikon replaced it. The Nikon F3 was electronic, and was not trusted to meet professional demands under all conditions. Time proved the F3 just as reliable, but in the early and middle 1980s, electronic cameras were deemed suitable only for amateurs. The Nikon F2 was the king of newspaper and magazine photography of the 1970s.

Its development in part was fueled by cameras developed for NASA for Apollo and SkyLab missions. read more






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Type: 35mm Film Camera

Vendor: Nikon