Nikkor-Q Auto 135mm f3.5 Nippon Kogaku lens - for Nikon Camera lens, made in Japan

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9/10 overall condition, comes with 6 months warranty

Serial number : 752004

"If serial numbers are any guide, Nikon alone made over 300,000 of the early 135mm f/3.5 design, their ‘budget’ model, comprised of but four lenses in three groups and made during the period June 1959 through March 1977. The first ones coincided with the release of the single greatest 35mm SLR in the history of the design, the Nikon F. And, indeed, my 1971 version not only remains budget priced.. 

...Preliminary snaps indicate a near total absence of vignetting or distortion at any aperture, with outstanding resolution fully open, peaking at f/8. But then that is to be expected from a beautifully simple Zeiss/Leitz optical design which goes back to the 1930s.The laws of physics do their thing at apertures smaller than f/11, where diffraction messes with light rays, but the optic is superb and highly recommended. The rendering of the out of focus bits is especially noteworthy, smooth and gentle... read more here"


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