Nikon Nikomat 35mm camera with Nikkor-S Auto 50mm f1.4


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Overall condition 6.5/10, All functions working light meter working, comes with 6 months warranty. 

Serial Number. (Body) 3227693



The  Nikkormat FT uses a shutter speed control dial coaxially mounted around the lens mount, if you have never used a camera with this type of layout try it before you buy, some people like this design some hate it, it is also worth trying to change the meters ASA setting a few times as you may find this awkward, this was improved greatly with the introduction of the later Nikkormat FT2 and it's AI aperture system enabled successor the excellent Nikkormat FT3.

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  • Lens meter coupling type Nikon prong ("bunny ears")
  • Maximum aperture coupling : f/1.2 to f/5.6
  • Iso :  12 to1600
  • Meter sensor type :TTL The center-weighted (heavy-centered) metering
  • Shutter : Vertical metal curtained focal-plane mechanical
  • Shutter speed  : 1 to 1/1000 second + Bulb
  • Flash sync speed : PC socket 1/125 sec
  • Interchangeable focusing screens : No
  • Interchangeable viewfinder heads : No
  • Interchangeable backs : No
  • Self Timer : 10 seconds
  • Battery : Single 1.3 volt mercury battery (PX625A)
  • Body weight: 745g

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A review by Casualphotophile

The Nikkormat FT is something of a contradiction unto itself. On the one hand, it is incredibly well-built, which would indicate that its designers spent considerable time and energy contemplating every nuance of the camera. On the other hand, its operation is hampered by numerous unusual quirks, which would indicate a contrarily lackadaisical design team. Because of this strange dichotomy, the Nikkormat can be both petulantly frustrating and deeply endearing.

The FT reviewed here is the first Nikkormat produced by Nippon Kogaku K. K. (Nikon) between the years 1965 and 1967. It was made in a time of great change in the photographic industry, and while it embraced some of the advancements of the era it also seems to have been a somewhat retrospective camera. With it, Nikon created a new tier in its product line; a simpler camera made for amateur photographers who may have been intimidated by the price or complexity of Nikon’s professional grade F and F2 SLR cameras.

One of the Nikkormat’s strongest assets is its looks. This is a very nice looking machine. With its all-metal construction and fully mechanical controls, it oozes retro charm in the age of plastic-fantastic DSLRs. It was originally available in black and chrome models, with the black now being the rarer of the two offerings. In chrome, the camera features a well-balanced mix of brushed and polished details, and every button and dial shows impressively sophisticated machining. It’s one of the more geometrically interesting cameras, with a pleasing mix of shapes and forms complementing a well-proportioned overall body size. When fitted with the accessory shoe, the back of the camera in particular becomes an alluring display of circles, lines, and angles.

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Type: 35mm Film Camera

Vendor: Nikon