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Nikon TW Zoom Quartz Date 35mm point and shoot camera


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8/10 overall condition, scuff marks on body from use, lens is clean, comes with neck strap. Comes with 6 months warranty.

Serial Number #CR2025


First: what is a compact film camera? It is difficult to give a description or designation but ´a camera, as small/compact as possible, with built-in features (automatic exposure, flash, auto- or fix focus, easy film loading & film advance) for easy picture taking´ comes close.

Before listing all compact cameras Nikon ever made, some information should be given about the enigmatic numbering and naming of cameras by Nikon Corporation. Not all cameras do have the same name or type number, and not all cameras were sold worldwide. Some camera names refer to technical specifications, but many do not refer to sensible features. What to think of ´one touch´, ´nice touch´, ´tele touch´, ´action touch´, ´fun touch´, ´zoom touch´, ´lite touch´ and ´smile taker´? Sometimes combined with numbers from 1 - 700? Or those cameras with a data back: ´quartz date´ or ´world time´? Why a certain camera in Europe is marketed with the name ´Nikon TW-Zoom 35-70´ and in the USA as ´Nikon 400´ doesn´t make sense. But: who really cares?

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  • 35-80mm f/3.5-7.8 zoom Compact Camera
  • Auto Focus
  • Image size selector
  • Continuous zoom

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"Nikon's first compact zoom camera. Not that ugly and the design has stood the test of time rather well, since this is 1988. Of course, you get the usual 35/70 (not the 38 something,, ouf!) and a rather nice set of features for such an ordinary and old camera.

You can choose the continuous or single shoothing, 2 timer settings, flash modes, unfortunately the camera immediately defaults to auto flash the instant it has taken the pic with your flash mode. Now, for the nice things, you can choose the zoom to be stepless or non stepless, it is cool, as it allows for a more precise framing. Speaking of framing, you a have a special framing mode. You select the mode like close up, protrait, groups and the camera will zoom automaticaly to frame your subject. Very nice and pretty sophisticated for 1988, although I am in no condition to say that it works!" - Paulo Moreira






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Type: Point and Shoot Camera

Vendor: Nikon