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Olympus Infinity 80 Auto Focus Point and Shoot Camera


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Overall condition 7/10, comes with 6 month warranty 

Sr No#: 9771588


Infinity zoom 80 uses a 38 to 80mm 2x f/4.5 - f/ 8.9 zoom lens that is protected by a sliding cover. The minimum focus distance is 0.8m. There are a number of flash modes including auto, red eye, flash off, fill flash, night mode, and night red eye. The zoom viewfinder has an LED indicator for focus, a focus mark and close-up correction marks. Compatible with ISO 100 to 800 DX code film. Has a typical automatic first frame loading auto advance, auto rewind, with mid-roll rewind capability. There is a self-timer available with a delay of 12 seconds. Power is with a CR123A battery.

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  • Depth:  2 in
  • Camera Type:  Point & Shoot / Zoom camera
  • Manufacturer:  Olympus
  • Camera Flash Type:  built-in flash
  • Shooting Range:  2.6 ft - 10 ft: ISO 100 (wide lens), 2.6 ft - 5 ft: ISO 100 (tele lens), 3.3 ft - 29 ft: ISO 800 (wide lens), 3.3 ft - 15 ft: ISO 800 (tele lens)
  • Red Eye Reduction:  Yes
  • Power Consumption:  Recycling time - 0.5 - 5 sec - with 1 x CR123A - lithium

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Reviewed By: Jim Gary

I wonder if the Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 80 ever really had a chance, given that it was introduced in 1999. Within a few years everybody who bought auto-everything 35 mm cameras like these would be ditching them for digital cameras. If the number of these cameras available on eBay at any moment is an indication, Olympus sold a ton of these cameras. That they all seem to be in like-new condition says a lot about their unfortunate place on photography’s timeline. This camera’s time in the sun was so short that many of them show up on eBay with marketing stickers still on their faces.

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Type: 35mm Camera

Vendor: Olympus