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Olympus mju EPIC Zoom 115 Deluxe


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Overall condition 8/10, All functions working, lens and finder are clean and clear, some very minor marks on body from use.

Comes with 6 months warranty.

Serial number: #5609285


Known as the Olympus Stylus Epic ZOOM 115 in the US, this was a 35mm compact camera from the very successful mju/Stylus/Epic series, and was introduced by Olympus in 1999. It was made in China. There were several revisions of this camera, which was available in black or silver. A later model (2000) with the same lens had a brighter viewfinder and the VF suffix, indicating the "Visual Finder" which went black when the shutter fired. This was helpful in noisy locations, because it was difficult to tell if the picture had been taken on the earlier version. Some "DELUXE" examples of the ZOOM 115 included a panorama mask and/or QD (Quartzdate) date imprinting. The camera was revised once more in 2003 as the mju III 115 which used ED (extra dispersal) glass, for better contrast and reduced lens flare.

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Manufacturer                                         Olympus
Camera Type                                         Point & Shoot / Zoom camera
Flash type                                              pop-up flash
Lens Aperture                                        f/4.6-10.9
Colour                                                    champagne gold
Viewfinder Frames                                 Autofocus frame, close-up correction frame
Exposure Range                                    1/600 sec - 4 sec

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Reviewed By: Simon

I have to say this is an unusual camera for me to buy. I don’t normally bother with the compact, point and shoot end of the 35mm market, but I saw this in a charity shop and had a vague recollection that the Olympus [mju:] series are quite highly regarded. Although when I bought the camera it had no battery fitted, as soon as I popped a new battery into it everything sprang to life including the exposure counter which told me that 16 exposures had been taken, leaving 20 still on the film (I can see through the window in the back that it’s a 36 exposure film). 
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Type: Point and Shoot Camera

Vendor: Olympus