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Olympus Mju II 115 Point and Shoot camera BLACK


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  • 9/10 Condition
  • All functions tested and working properly (including flash, zoom, autofocus, winding)
  • comes with a 6-month warranty
  • 38-115mm zoom lens
  • takes one CR123 battery (sold separately)
  • fully automatic camera
  • perfect as your first film camera


The Olympus µ[mju:] series of cameras were fully automatic compact cameras made by Olympus, starting in 1991. It was an immensely successful range, with 20 million models sold in the first ten years of production. The key selling points of mju cameras were a small size, accurate focusing, well-balanced flash exposures, and (starting with the mju-II) weatherproof finish. Most of the models could fit inside a soap dish. µ is a Greek letter that is used in science to mean "micro". "Mju" is pronounced to rhyme with "pew".

"Μ-II 115 VF" incorporates a bright and easy-to-see viewfinder that employs a new optical system to increase the brightness within the screen by about 33% over the conventional model (μ zoom 115 deluxe). When the shutter is turned off, the interior of the viewfinder becomes dark for a moment, not only the shutter sound but also the user-friendly mechanism "Visual Finder" that can confirm visually what you took is also equipped, making it a model pursuing ease of use.


  • Format: 38 to 115 mm built-in zoom lens 35 mm fully automatic autofocus lens shutter camera
  • Used film: 35 mm film (with JIS J135 patrone, film with DX code)
  • Screen size: Standard 24 × 36 mm / Panorama size switching type
  • Lens: Olympus lens 38 to 115 mm F 4.6 to 10.9 5 groups 6 sheets
  • Shutter: Programmable electronic shutter
  • Viewfinder: Panoramic / standard switching type, with VF shutter release announcement function, with diopter adjustment function, real image type zoom finder (auto focus mark, short distance correction mark, AF in-focus indication, flash advance notice attached
  • Focus adjustment: Passive method Multi auto focus, Focus lock possible Focus adjustment range / 0.6 m to ∞
  • Exposure adjustment: Automatic adjustment range with programmed electronic shutter (3-way metering / spot metering switching type) Automatic adjustment range WIDE EV 2.4 (F 4.6 · 4 sec) ~ EV 16 (F 10.4 · 1/610 sec) TELE EV 4.9 F 10.9 · 4 sec) to EV 17 (F 19 · 1/360 sec)
  • Self timer: Electronic self timer approximately 12 seconds
  • Remote controller: Infrared optical remote control (delay time about 3 seconds)
  • Film sensitivity: Automatic setting (Film with DX code ISO 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200 Automatic setting for other intermediate values on the low sensitivity side, films other than DX, films with ISO 50 set to ISO 100)
  • Film loading/winding/rewind: Automatic methods with rewind button option
  • Flash: Pop up flash Charging time Approximately 0.5 to 7 seconds (At normal temperature, use new battery) 
  • Power supply: 1 3 V lithium battery (CR 123 A or DL 123 A)
  • Size: Width 118 × height 61.5 × thickness 47.5 mm (not including protrusions such as grips)
  • Mass: 225 g (without battery)
  • Waterproof life: JIS protection class 4 (shield type)


"Overall this is quite an impressive camera for its class. I didn’t expect a viewfinder diopter or weather proofing, and the zoom range is quite impressive".Simon Hawketts






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Type: 35 mm Point and Shoot

Vendor: FilmNeverDie