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Olympus Mju II fixed lens 35mm f2.8 Point and Shoot camera


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Overall 7/10 Condition, all functions tested and working properly (including flash, zoom, autofocus, winding, comes with a 6-month warranty.


by James Tocchio:

... I like the Mju II quite a bit, actually. It’s a great camera. Splash-proof and tiny, with a great lens, I can easily envision a person for whom the Mju II is the perfect camera. For a very specific photo geek, one who wants a really capable point-and-shoot to carry everywhere, everyday, and who doesn’t want to think about anything except pressing the shutter release button and hoping against hope that the aesthetic of film and their vision through a tiny viewfinder will magically combine to create a wonderful photo, the Mju II could be the perfect camera... read more here. 

by 35mmc:

The Olympus mju-ii feels like a bit of a mountain to climb in terms of giving it a review. Not for it’s feature set or for how complex it is use. It is in fact a very simple camera with few features. But more for the fact that it has such a massive following and that is despite a few unavoidable shortcomings. Many people actually consider the Olympus mju-ii as the ultimate 35mm compact “point and shoot” camera! I’m going to give you my thoughts on that point of view… And hopefully clarify, in my opinion, why people feel such fondness for this cheap plasticky little camera... read more here. 



The Olympus Stylus Epic, also known as the μ[mju:]-II in other parts of the world, is a 35mm compact camera. Introduced in 1997, the Olympus Stylus Epic followed a long line of fixed focal length, budget priced, consumer level, point and shoot cameras from Olympus that have tended to appeal to enthusiasts and professionals who want a camera small enough to fit in a pocket. It is much cheaper than most point and shoot cameras that are popular with enthusiasts.

The Epic has a fixed 35mm f/2.8 lens, and can focus down to 35 centimetres (14 in). It has a spot meter, and optional red eye reduction. The design is very tough and the camera can be carried in a pocket or handbag without fear of damage. The camera is also very lightweight 145 grams (5.1 oz) and splash proof.

The fixed lens on this camera is much faster than other Olympus point-and-shoots many of which include zoom lenses. The zoom lens versions have much slower lenses(f/4.5 at the wide end), and in general, lower quality optics, compared to the fixed 35mm lens.... read more here. 


  • Design: Clam shell
  • Format: 35mm / 135
  • Used film: 35 mm film 
  • Battery : Cr123
  • Lens: Olympus 35mm f2.8 fixed lens
  • Other features: Red eye reduction, fill-in flash, no flash






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Type: 35 mm Point and Shoot

Vendor: FilmNeverDie