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Olympus Mju Zoom 80 35mm Point and shoot camera


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Overall condition: 9/10. Comes with 6 months warranty
Serial Number 4010890


The Stylus Epic Zoom 80, which was known as the μ[mju:]-II Zoom 80 outside the US, was feature-packed, starting with autofocus and autoexposure. The telescoping lens zooms from 38 to 80 mm. It’s flash can adjust to reduce red eye, fill to brighten shadows, and fire in conjunction with a slow shutter speed for better night shots. It also has “infinity mode” that focuses on infinity for landscape shots, and “backlight mode” that reduces exposure by a stop and a half when your subject is lit from behind. What it lacks is any manual control whatsoever.
This camera is small; it reminds me of a bar of soap in my hand. Its design is so modern that if you took this camera out in public nobody would give it a second glance because they’d think it was digital.
Aperture Range:  f/4.5-8.9
Batteries:  CR123 (x1)
Film Advance:  Automatic
Film Rewind:  Automatic
Flash:  built-in:  Auto & Fill-Flash modes
Focus:  Autofocus
ISO / ASA Range: 50-3200 (DX coded film).  Non-DX film is set at ISO 100.
Lens:  38-80mm zoom, 5 elements in 4 groups
Metering / Exposure:  Automatic
Minimum Focus Distance:  2 feet
Panorama mode:  Yes (frame-size limiter)
Self-Timer:  Yes
Shutter Speeds:  as long as 2 seconds in Flash Override mode, 4 sec. in Night 
Weatherproofing:  Yes
Weight:  6.3 ounces
Years of Manufacture:  1999-2003 (?)
Zoom Range: 38-80mm


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Type: 35mm Camera

Vendor: Olympus