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Olympus mju Zoom Parorama Multi AF Point and Shoot Camera


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Comes with 6 months warranty.
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The Olympus µ[mju:] (US: ∞ Stylus) was a fully automatic 35mm compact camera introduced by Olympus in 1991. Notably evolved by camera designer Maitani Yoshihisa from his Olympus XA design. It was very small and curvy, with an integrated lens cover. It is switched on by shifting the lens cover to one side. The Stylus was the first model in the hugely successful Olympus mju/Stylus series, selling 5 million on its own.

The original mju/Stylus was generally available in black, but a LIMITEDedition model (50,000 examples) with a metallic silver finish was also released. 1992 saw the release of the Olympus µ[mju:] PANORAMA. This utilized tiny magnets to move a mask in front of the film in the middle of the roll, while keeping the body and basic spec unchanged. Some versions of the mju actually say µ[mju:]-1 on the front. Read More


Maker                                                  Olympus Corporation
Type                                                    35mm compact
Lens                                                    1:2.8 35 mm
Focus                                                  Active multi-beam autofocus
Exposure                                             Automatic
Flash                                                   Built-in
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Type: Point and Shoot Camera

Vendor: Olympus