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Olympus OM-2n with Zuiko 50 1.8 SLR camera


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  • 8.5/10 condition (with minor scratch and dent on the body; lens, mirror, and prism is clean and scratch free)
  • All functions tested and working properly (including light meter)
  • comes with a 6-month warranty
  • Compact SLR with automatic exposure (aperture priority) and professional grade build quality
  • Takes LR44 battery (sold separately)
  • Easy to use
  • Professional result
  • perfect as your first film camera if you wish to learn more about film photography


The electronic Olympus OM-2 was first seen in a prototype form at the 1974 Photokina, that was two years after the debut of the original OM-1 which was a mechanical SLR. The OM2 only began to ship and market in late 1975. The addition of automatic exposure functions of the OM-2 extends the OM system quest for functionality to a new level.

Despite the fact that it is an automatic-exposure version, it has the same body dimensions virtually similar to the mechanical OM-1 and is only slightly heavier (dimensions of the camera are exactly the same as those of the OM-1- 136 x 83 x 50 mm without lens). The few external differences are mostly confined to the film speed setting dial and the meter system on-off switch, which has four positions on the OM-2. But within the camera was a different beast altogether when compared with the mechanical counterpart, in fact, both the bodies have, for the first time positioned Olympus Optical Co. LTD firmly on the driver seat as a forerunner in innovative camera technologies and enjoyed a hugely successful product cycle commercially.

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System: OLYMPUS OM System.

Camera type: 35mm Single Lens Reflex with automatic exposure control, electronic focal plane shutter.

Film format: 24mm x 36mm.

Lens mount: OLYMPUS OM Mount, bayonet type, flange distance 46mm

Shutter: Focal plane shutter, automatic exposure control from about 60 seconds to 1/1,000 second

Synchro: FP, X switch type contact, incorrect flash prevention.

Automatic exposure control: Aperture preferred automatic exposure control electronic shutter type. TTL Direct Light Measuring System, center-weighted for bright, and averaging for dark conditions.

Light sensors: 2 SBC sensors for actual exposure and 2 Cds for metering information in auto and manual mode.

Large exposure compensation dial: + - 2EV (within the ASA film speed range)

Automatic flash exposure: Direct contacts for TTL Auto Flash.

Manual exposure: TTL type.

Measuring system: Full aperture center-weighted metering.

Measuring range: EV1.5 - EV17 (ASA 100 with F 1.2 standard lens).

Light sensors: 2 CdS sensors. Zero-method with needle visible in the viewfinder.

Film speed Setting: ASA 12 - 1600

Battery check: 3-stage battery check LED lamp (light emitting diode) indicates full voltage, depleted charge, and exhaustion of batteries. Shutter lock to limit drainage.

Viewfinder: Pentaprism type wide vision finder.

Focusing screens: Wide selection of interchangeable screens

Finder view-field: 97%

Viewfinder Magnification: 0.92 X at infinity with 50mm standard lens

Apparent field view: Vertical 23°30', horizontal 35°.








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Type: 35 mm SLR Camera

Vendor: Olympus