Olympus OM1 + Vivitar wide-angle lens 24mm F 2.8


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6/10 condition come with 6 months warranty

* Motor drive cover missing

* name on bottom plate

*missing self-timer lever

* light meter not accurate * lower than normall 2 stop *

* shutter speed working well *


Lens : Vivitar  24m F 2.8 from Tokina factory


The OM-system was introduced by Olympus in 1972, more than a decade later than most of the, by then, well-established 35mm SLR brands. Its success must undoubtedly be attributed to Olympus’ chief designer Maitani yoshihira and his staff, certainly taking advantage of new technology and increased general 35mm SLR understanding. The nucleus of this system is the brilliantly conceived camera body of remarkably compact design, yet with possibly the best viewfinder in any 35mm SLR camera. The first model introduced was the all-mechanical M-1, soon renamed OM-1, with a full aperture TTL CdS exposure meter and a wide bayonet lens-mount, gradually complemented by several quite sophisticated models. The system is also associated with one of the finest ranges of optics ever made available, the OM-System Zuiko lenses, and a generous selection of accessories.


Type: 35mm Single Lens Reflex
Lens Mount: Olympus OM Mount, bayonet type.
Shutter: Focal plane shutter, ring mounted control, with speeds from 1 to 1 /1000 second plus B.
Hot Shoe Socket: Built-in. Accessory Shoe 1 or "Fixed" Type for original M-1 or OM-1 bodies.
Flash Contacts: FP-X with switch type contact at synchro socket, X contact at shoe: With electronic flash (X) 1 sec to 1/60 sec; with class "M" Bulbs (X) 1 sec to 1/15 sec; with Class "F" Bulbs (X) 1 sec to 1/15 sec; with focal plane Bulbs (FP) 1/60 sec to 1/1000 sec.
Viewfinder: Pentaprism type wide-vision (97% of actual picture field) finder.
Viewfinder Magnification: 0.92X at infinity with 50mm lens
Viewfinder Apparent Field of View: 23° 30' & 35°
Focusing Screens: Standard screen,1-1 Microproism-matte type. Interchangeable with any 13 additional screens.
Reflex Mirror: Quick return type with mirror Lock-up control.
Film Loading: Easy loading (Olympus EL system)
Film Advance: (Manual) Ratchet type film advance. One stroke or several short strokes. (Motor Drive with MD and OM-1n model only)
Film Rewinding: Rewind crank with automatic resetting rewind release lever.
Metering: Via Lever on top panel, Metering ON/OFF Switch
Exposure Measurement: Two CdS (Cadmium Sulphide)
Self-Timer: Lever system with rortation angle 180°. Approx. 4-12 second delay lever type; Action started via start lever hidden behind Self timer lever. It can be stopped and reset after actuation.
Camera back: Removable hinge type control by Mounting Pin. Interchangeable with Recordata Back 1/2 /3 (OM-1n) and 250 Film Back 1/2.
Tripod Socket: As per JIS standard
Battery: 1.35V mercury battery Mallory PX625, or equivalent .
Dimensions & Weights: Body only: 510g, Body with f/1.8 lens: 136mm x 83mm x 81mm 680g.



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