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Olympus OM 10 SLR Camera with manual shutter adaptor + 3 lenses kit


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Overall 7.5/10 condition, comes with 6 months warranty.

Camera body Serial Number: 1669749

50mm f1.8 OM AUTO-S Lens: 5/10 - with some dust in the lens 
Serial Number: 4045185

35-70mm f3.5 TAMRON Lens: 6/10 - Some dust in the lens      
Serial Number: 552176

70-300mm f5.6 CLUBMAN Lens: 7/10 - Light fungus & haze around edges             
Serial Number: 860603


"The Olympus OM-10 handles amazingly easy, and yet, offers so many possibilities! You will want this camera! ...,

f you’re looking for a good quality, lightweight SLR, the OM-10 is worth serious consideration. Like all OM cameras, the OM-10 gives you to access a breathtaking array of Zuiko and 3rd-party lenses, as well as a host of interesting and useful accessories. And if you decide to step up to an OM-2 later, you can continue to use all your lenses and the OM-10 can serve as a capable second body. But you might just find the OM-10 is so good that you never feel the need to “upgrade.” reviewed by filmadvance.com.

"If you’re hunting for a first SLR camera, there’s probably no bigger bang-for-the-buck than an Olympus OM-10. ... 

When I first got into photography, I bought a lot of used cameras from second-hand shops, and sometimes I ended up buying a camera that I already had one of in my collection. This happened with the Olympus Trip 35. Suddenly, I had three of them! I love that camera, but I thought that it was a shame to have three of them, since there was really no difference between them. I always only used one of them..." reviewed by MICHELL read more here.


The OM10 was the first consumer OM series body. Launched in 1979.

It accepted the full line of OM lenses and most of the OM accessories for a lower price. The lower price was reflected in the construction of this camera and the features available, however, it was still a very competent performer and it reflected the elegant lines established by the compact OM-1 and 2 designs. Early production runs of the OM10 have known malfunction issues with electronics, metering, and shutter magnets. Olympus later changed the shutter to a 'Type II' design to correct the latter problem.

In its standard configuration the OM10 offered aperture priority automatic exposure, simple and accurate enough for a consumer camera in most lighting situations. It also offered exposure compensation for more complicated lighting situations and for more advanced users. Selection dial upon the top allowed for selection of Aperture Priority, B and Manual adapter, The small plug-in manual adapter was available as an accessory to enable manual control of shutter speed, if no Manual Adapter was plugged in and the camera switch set to Manual Adapter then the camera shutter speed was set to fixed 1/60 for flash work.

While not well known to consumers, the focusing screen for the OM10 is indeed interchangeable, though not as easily as the OM-1. It shares the same focusing screen as the OM-1, but the extra protruding tab needs to be cut off as the OM10 doesn't have a placeholder for it. The OM10 can accept all the lenses of the OM system.

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  • Model: SLR camera automatic exposure control electronic shutter type 35mm focal-plane
  • Size: 136 x 83 x 50 mm
  • Screen size: 24 x 36 mm
  • Weight: 430g (15.17 oz)
  • Sensitivity range: ISO25-ISO1600
  • Mount: Olympus OM mount
  • Winding film: lever
  • Rewind film formula: crank
  • Shutter: Electronically controlled focal-plane
  • Shutter speed: B, 1-1/1000 seconds

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Type: SLR

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