Olympus OM10 SLR Camera with Zuiko 50mm f/1.8 Lens


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Olympus OM10 35mm SLR Camera with Olympus Zuiko Auto-S 50mm f/1.8 Lens.

All cameras come with 6 months warranty.

In this kit: 
1) Olympus OM10 SLR Film Camera Body
2) Olympus Zuiko Auto-S 50mm f/1.8 lens


The Olympus OM10 is an aperture priority camera. This means that all you have to do is decide on the right aperture and the camera will decide on the shutter speed for you. This is the best kind of automatic (as opposed to the shutter priority found on the canon AE-1). It perfect for beginners or people looking for an easier way to take pictures as all you have to do is compose and focus on the depth of field (Bokeh or no bokeh?).

Focusing is done manually. The viewfinder is big and bright (actually one of the biggest and brightest viewfinders out there. Thank you Olympus!) and tells you which shutter speed it's going to use so that you can adjust your aperture if your shutter speed is too slow. 

Design wise the OM10 is a truly beautiful camera. The industrial design makes this camera look completely unique. You can see from the checkered shutter curtain, the little sliver/bronze shutter ring and all the other small details that Olympus put a lot of care into making this camera look good.  It's one of the lightest SLR's out there and has a really compact design. Couple that with the tiny but ultra sharp Zuiko glass and you get a top of the class photographic tool in a tiny form factor.

If you’re looking for a good quality, lightweight SLR, the OM-10 could be a perfect match. Like all OM cameras, the OM-10 gives you to access a breathtaking array of lenses, as well as a host of interesting and useful accessories.

One more thing that makes this camera shine is that it can grow with you as you learn more about photography. As said before it is a fully aperture priority camera BUT there is a little exception to this... Olympus made a little adapter in the form of a pin that gives you full control on your shutter speed, turning the more user friendly automatic camera into a fully professional, fully manual SLR.

  • Type: SLR body
  • Manufacturer: Olympus
  • Year of launch: 1979
  • Film: 35mm, speeds up to 1600 ASA
  • Viewfinder: pentaprism eye-level viewfinder
  • Lens Mount: Olympus OM mount
  • Shutter: Electronically controlled focal-plane, speeds 1 – 1/1000 second, flash sync 1/60 second
  • Type: Aperture priority
  •  Battery: 1 LR44

Collections: All 35mm Cameras

Type: 35mm SLR Camera

Vendor: Olympus

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