Olympus OmG 35mm single lens reflex with 50 mm f1.8


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6/10 condition working perfect come with 6 months warranty

* Have dent on lens , small haze in lens.


The OM20 was released in 1983. It was called OM G on some markets. It existed in chrome and in black finish.

It is basically an OM10 with manual shutter speed ring built-in, and a few other advances. These include a PC-sync flash connection, [LED] warnings in the viewfinder, built-in manual metering, and provision for attaching a steady grip. It didn't replace the OM10, but was available alongside it.


Manual exposure: TTL type.
Measuring system: Full aperture center weighted metering.
Measuring range: EV1.5 - EV17 (ASA 100 with F 1.2 standard lens).
Light sensors: 2 CdS sensors. Zero-method with needle visible in viewfinder.
Film speed Setting: ASA 12 - 1600, B y lifting and rotating film speed dial.
Auto/Manual selection: By selector lever.
Battery check: 3-stage battery check LED lamp (light emitting diode) indicates full voltage, depleted charge, and exhaustion of batteries. Shutter lock to limit drainage.
Power source: Two 1.5V silver oxide batteries [Eveready (or UCAR) S-76 or equivalents] .
Viewfinder: Pentaprism type wide vision finder.
Focusing screens: Wide selection of interchangeable screens. Standard type Focusing Screen 1-1 (microprism-matte type).
Finder view-field: 97% of actual picture field.
Viewfinder Magnification: 0.92 X at infinity with 50mm standard lens
Apparent field view: Vertical 23°30', horizontal 35°.
Indicators in viewfinder: 3-stage selector lever. (Auto: Shutter speed indicator. Manual: exposure index. Off: nothing).
Reflex mirror: Oversize, quick return type (without lockup).
Film loading: OLYMPUS easy loading.
Manual film advance: Lever type with 150° angle for one long or several short strokes, pre-advance angle 30°, self cocking, double advance and double exposure prevention.
Motor drive advance: With Motor Drive 1 or 2 attached, single frame and continuous advance at speed of 5 frames per second (at exposures above 1/500 sec., with fresh batteries and at normal temperature and humidity). 2.5 fps is possible when power Winder 2 is attached.
Exposure counter: Progressive type with automatic reset.
Film rewind: Crank type, with rewind release lever setting, automatic return
Self-timer: 4 - 12 sec delay lever type with 180° maximum angle, can be stopped and reset after actuation.
Camera back: Removable hinge type, with memo holder. Interchangeable with Recordata Back 1/2/3/4 and 250 Film Back 1
Hot shoe socket: OLYMPUS accessory shoe (optional) attachable.
Dimensions and weights: Body only: 136 x 83 x 50mm (5.35"x3.27"x1.97") 520g (18.3 oz); With f1.8 lens: 136 x 83 x 81mm (5.35" x 3.27" x 3.19") 690g (24.3 oz); With f1.4 lens: 136 x 83 x 86mm (5.35" x 3.27" x 3.39") 750g (26.5 oz); with f1.2 lens: 136 x 83 x 97mm (5.35" x 3.27" x 3.82" ) 830g (29.3 oz).



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