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Olympus Pen FT half frame 35mm - back order


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The photographer sets the shutter and the appropriate aperture is indicated in the viewfinder. However, the indicator uses proprietary exposure values based on the number of aperture stops. The corresponding exposure values are marked on the lens barrel aperture ring and can be seen in the picture to the left. The Pen FT also introduced a single-stroke advance with a longer wind lever, and a self-timer. The latter has a large lever at the front where the gothic F on the first model was placed. The release button is at the hub of the self-timer lever.

Half frame meant that the camera used an 18×24 mm vertical (portrait) format, producing twice the pictures on a roll of 135 film as the regular 36×24 mm format. The smaller image format also allowed for a smaller camera and lenses, making the Pen F system one of the smallest SLR systems ever made; the Pentax Auto 110 was smaller, but with a much more limited range of lenses and accessories, and smaller 110 film







Type: 35mm Camera

Vendor: Olympus