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Olympus Stylus Zoom 140 Point and Shoot camera


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Overall condition 8/10 lens and rangefinder are clean, only some small marks on camera body.

Olympus Mju Zoom 140 Deluxe: Serial Number: 5750116


"Small, great zoom! Lots of flash options but when it rewinds it's a little loud, but that is my only complaint... I think it is worth the quality. As far as durability, I have dropped the camera twice on the pavement and it still works fine." review by photographyreview.com.

"This is one of the most fun cameras that I ever owned! I was a professional photographer 20 years ago and I've used the best equipment available. I picked up the Olympus Stylus 140 Deluxe Zoom (with panorama) as a "toy" camera to have with me when I traveled on business. I have blown up some of my photographs to 16x20 with incredible results! All of my friends that purchased this camera on my recommendations are also thrilled with it. The clarity of optics far surpassed my expectations and I can't understand how anyone can complain about focus at full zoom." review by photographyreview.com.


The Zoom 140 is a compact point and shoot camera with zoom capabilities, including a self-timer and a viewfinder dioptric correction dial. It is equipped with a 38-140mm f.4-11 lens. It reads the DX code on the film canister to set ISO from 50 to 3200. It automatically focuses using an phase-detection system, advanced for its time. It also automatically sets exposure; you can choose between a three-zone pattern or spot metering. The built-in flash is on by default, although it fires only when the camera needs more light. You can turn it off or set it to any of five other modes, including red eye and fill. The camera is also weather resistant. See more at blog.jimgrey.net.


Camera Type:  Point and Shoot/Zoom

Format: 35mm

Dimensions: 120 (W) x 65.5 (H) x 46 (D) mm (4.7 x 2.6 x 1.8 in)

Power: 3 V Lithium battery (DL123A/CR123A)

Weight: 255g (9.0 oz) (without battery)







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Type: 35 mm Point and Shoot