Olympus Trip 35, compact zone focus 35mm camera


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9/10 overall condition, Near Mint! all function working, lens and finder are super clean and clear, some very minor marks on body from use. Includes original lens cap.

Come with 6 months warranty.

Serial number: 4104680


The Trip 35 is a 35mm compact camera, manufactured by Olympus. It was introduced in 1967 and discontinued, after a lengthy production run, in 1984. The Trip name was a reference to its intended market – people who wanted a compact, functional camera for holidays. During the 1970s it was the subject of an advertising campaign that featured popular British photographer David Bailey. Over ten million units were sold.[1]

The Trip 35 was a point and shoot model with a 40mm f2.8 lens, solar-powered selenium light meter, and just two shutter speeds. In 'A' mode, the camera operated as a Program automatic, choosing either 1/40th sec or 1/200th sec. The camera could also sync with flash, and had a range of aperture settings, from f2.8 to f22. In flash sync mode the shutter was set at 1/40. Apart from a simple four-position zone focus system, and an ISO setting from 25–400,[2] the camera had no other photographic controls. The camera had a Prontor-Compur sync connector and a hot shoe. Its lens was a coated Zuiko 40mm f/2.8, with four elements in three groups.

The camera had an ISO range of "only" 25–400, but this was acceptable, as films faster than 400 were uncommon and not of high image quality. 25 speed allowed the use of Kodachrome, while 400 speed allowed use of Tri-X and similar fast materials under low light...

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  • Focus

    Manual by scale, visible through viewfinder. Top scale, visible through finder, shows icons or headshot (1m/3'), twoshot (1.5m/5'), group shot (3m/10') and infinity. Bottom scale calibrated in meters and feet.


    40mm f/2.8 Olympus D. Zuiko.

    4 elements, three groups.

    Appears to be a front-element focusing Tessar.

     Close Focus

    2.9' (0.9m).


    Two bladed, diamond-shaped, stopping down to about f/22.


    1/40 or 1/200, automatically selected. No bulb setting.

     Cable Release

    Standard socket in shutter release button.


    Selenium cell around lens. (automatically incorporates any filter factors.)


    Program automatic (A) and fixed-aperture for flash. Note: if you chose a large aperture for flash and work in bright light, it stops down accordingly but keeps the shutter speed at 1/40.

     Exposure range

    EV 8-1/3 (1/40 at f/2.8) to EV 17-1/6 (1/200 at f/27).

     Film Speed

    Third stops from ASA 25 - 400, except ASA 32.

     Filter Size

    43.5mm screw in.

    Uniquly weord size deliberely chosen by Olympus to try to force you to buy thier own brand of filters.

     Low Light Warning

    If exposure would go below 1/40 at f/2.8, the shutter locks and a red transparent flag rises from the bottom of the finder in A setting. (If this happens, use flash.)


    Hot shoe and PC terminal.

     Film Advance

    Thumb wheel.


    Crank and bottom release button.

     Back Opening

    Catch along left bottom.

     Film Loading

    Put leader on tooth in slot.


    4.912" W x 2.861" H x 2.269" D (124.77mm W x 72.67mm H x 57.62mm D)l, measured.


    13.77 oz. (390.5g), measured, naked: no film or strap.


    None needed...

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Type: 35 mm camera

Vendor: Olympus