Olympus Trip AF 505, 35mm point and shoot film camera


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Overall condition: 7/10 all functions are working, lens and finder are clean and clear, some marks on body from general use, (come with 6 months warranty)

Serial number: 6135397



The Trip 500 is a fixed focus entry level compact 35mm film camera by Olympus. It is part of the Olympus Trip series that was reintroduced in the 1980's. A similar model Trip 505 is almost the same, but has a self-timer.

It features a 28 mm f/6.7 lens made from 3 elements in 3 groups. This fixed focused lens has a range of 1.0 m to ∞ (infinity). The shutter has a single speed of 1/100 sec. There is a automatic built-in flash with red-eye reduction. It is compatible with DX-coded films with a range of ISO 100 to 400. Non coded film is fixed at ISO 100. Film is advanced and rewound with a motor drive. The camera is powered by 2x AA batteries with a life of approx 20 rolls of 24 exposure film...

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Dimensions: 111.5(W) * 64.5(H) * 38(D)

4.4 * 2.5 * 1.5 (Inches)

Weight: 136 g (without battery).

Type: 35mm fixed focus lens, lens shutter camera.

Film format: Standard DX coded 35mm film.

Image size: 24*36mm.

Lens: Olympus 28mm F5.6, 3 elements in groups.

Shutter: Programmed electronic (1/140 - 1/2 sec).

Focussing: Fixed.

Range: 1.0 . (3.3 ft) - Infinity...

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