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Olympus XA2 35mm Point and Shoot w/ 35mm f3.5 lens

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Olympus XA2 35mm Point and Shoot w/ 35mm f3.5 lens

First released in 1980, the XA2 was the second generation of Olympus's XA range and still to this day are one of the most sought after point and shoot cameras.

Theres two stand out features about this camera; the design and the lens...

Packing a lot of punch into a small sleek design, the XA 2 uses a slide cover to protect the lens and conceal the camera. Its very light and could easy fit into a tote bag, pouch or travel bag. The all black body makes it a stylish choice for anyone looking for an everyday carry.

Secondly the lens. A 35mm f3.5 lens using Carl Zeiss glass makes for impeccably sharp pictures. The 35mm focal length is wide enough for street and landscape portraits but telephoto enought for portraits without distortion.