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Pentax ES Black SLR Camera with 200mm f3.5 lens


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9/10 Overall condition come with 6 months warranty.

SN# 6530067


"Pros :

Easy to use automatic exposure. Milestone CLASSIC by PENTAX. Still working great.

Cons : 

Nothing significant

It is so much fun to take over 40 years old S-M-C Takumar glass and shoot in aperture priority auto with bright viewfinder all the time!
This revolutionary classic camera still gives excellent results." review by Petrus_One 


The Pentax ES was the world's first 35mm SLR with a fully electronic shutter system. When set on automatic, the ES has a stepless shutter. The Pentax memory device computes and delivers an infinite number of exposures between 8 and 1/1000 second - automatically. If 1/555 second will give you the right exposure, that is what will be programmed.

The Pentax ES utilizes the last generation screw-mount Super-Multi-Coated Takumar and SMC lenses. The viewfinder remains bright under all conditions, making focusing easy. In the event that earlier lenses without the open-aperture metering coupling, the ES provides stop-down metering with the familiar switch near the lens mount. In any case, the meter is activated by partially depressing the shutter release button. These features make the ES less than one-quarter inch taller and only six ounces heavier than the Spotmatic F... read more here.


Year: 1972-1973
Mount: M42
Metering: Open aperture, centerweight Meter range
Shutter speeds: (auto), 8s - 1/1000s (stepless) Shutter speeds (manual)
B, 1/60 (X), 1/125, 1/150, 1/500, 1/1000s Shutter speeds (mechanical)
Flash hot shoe: Yes Built-in flash
Battery:  6V
Size: (W x H x D) 143 x 98 x 50mm (without lens)
Weight: 678g

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